Open it!

I’ve done some more thinking. And here is what I came up with – I’ll suggest we open our um arrangement with G. Can’t exactly call it a relationship, can I?

So my train of thought is this: why do I quit something that I do enjoy? I just need to downscale it and take it at face value. Which is friends with benefits. I don’t mind having fun here and there while I’m looking. Why not! Also will rid me of any suffering over ditching something bad, but still available.

It’ll also provide for some protection against the risk of overvaluing the next thing I get myself into. I’ll know that at least I have this to come back to. A safety net of a sort. A backup.

Also saves me from overvaluing the G. thing – if I dump it, I may feel like I gave up something that had a potential and all that made-up crap that has nothing to do with reality.

That being said, I guess I just made arrangements to go out for a first date this Saturday…


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