Dutch Buddy is not so neutral

So I messaged the DB last night about the boss situation. He called me. And we had a very interesting chat. For instance, he said he didn’t blame my boss for hitting on me. Said he didn’t think he’d be doing the same in his place. Laughed hard to my yeah, right comment. Commented that well, I was into older guys. Seemed to be pleasantly surprised to learn the guy was about his age. Also admitted that he still wanted that goodbye hug but said he realised it was his fault he still didn’t get it though.

And then he told me that the next Saturday and the last Saturday of the month were cancelled for production – commenting that G. and I can get together more this month. I thanked him and said I wasn’t sure we would. He again made the lone wolf comment. When I told him I caught G. on lies, he said so did he – white lies on few occasions. The whole conversation was quite odd. I guess he Is jealous. And he was sort of trying to reinforce me in my intend to ditch the guy. Interesting! And so much for the Switzerland thing! 😀

Oh, and G. called me while I was on call with the DB. I told him I had to go call G. back. I tried to do so two minutes after the missed call, got no answer – he messaged me right after the call that he was going to bed, so probably shut off the sound. But still, really?!! Can’t you wait for few minutes?!! Grrr.


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