Dating site chronicles

Dating can be a stressful experience, but it has its fun moments too.

So far I had two funny encounters on this new round of my attendance of dating site.

One was where I started a chat with this guy from a nearby town. Nothing deep, just discussing interests, who-does-what. And then he drops a bomb – tells me he’s been in bankruptcy for the last three years since his separation and that he’ll get out of it this September. And concludes that I can now dump him. Which I reply to with an “I probably will do exactly that!” – and that’s when he calls me material and bitches how so many ladies these days have dollar signs in their eyes. Really man?! Do you expect a gal to date you and pay for you or something? Too funny!

Another case was this guy I went on a date with few months back, we met at a different site. So he messages me with an “and we meet again”. Asking if I wanted to pick it up from where we left off. I replied that I wasn’t actually there to do a real thing, just to boost my self-esteem a bit. And there he got burnt big time – if I wanted occasional sex, says he, he’s so in! Which I replied to with a definitely no, just chatting and flirting. I wonder what may be going on in men’s heads to interpret “self-esteem boost” as “looking for occasional sex”?!! People are weird!


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