Another idea

So I’ve been thinking some more. If I ditch the guy in a week, what do I achieve? (Well, except for trying out a game of “ditch him, ignore him and see if he comes back accepting my conditions”).

Nufin, really. Just prove to myself that I’m quite impulsive. Yesterday I felt crazy love (also known as addiction), today I feel like ditching him. If that’s not a definition of impulsive, I dunno what is.

What would I be doing once I ditched him? Feel my addiction kick in with a new wave? I dunno. Maybe for some time. Then if I didn’t hear back, I’d move on.

With a schedule like this, what prevents me from putting some emotional distance between him and I and trying to move on while still having some fun now and then? Treat it like that, temporary fun, nufin more and start looking for a replacement. Taking my time and learning about how men react to certain things on G.’s example?

It was me who singlehandedly made him My King of the Hill. If I did it from this specimen, I am really scared of what would happen if it was a better one. I’m going to make him my guinea pig, test what I can and cannot do by behaving in certain ways.

I’ll be building myself from the shards that are still there after a five year long marriage. I’ll be open to new suggestions on the dating market, but I’m too unstable at this time to start an active search. I’ll feed my ego on these experiments, I’ll take my time, and will move on once I grow tired of my toy.


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