Dutch Buddy reveal

This is how our exchange went last night:

  • I am tempted to drop a jaw dropping bomb on you. And I ain’t even drunk. Like I said before.
  • – Drop it. Bring it on sista.
  • Need you to promise me, to swear that you won’t tell anyone.
  • You can trust me 100%.
  • Or hint or whateva. Any guesses?
  • No idea.
  • OK, if that big bitch knows, so should you. I’ve been seeing G. for the last five months. I hoped he’d tell you, but oh well.
  • No shit. Well I’ll be damned. You asked me about him months ago and I was curious to know where that was gonna go. But not a word since. Now I can piece things together. Surprised you kids kept this so tight to your chests.
  • We didn’t. The bithc saw us at a cinema. <Another guy from work> walked on us at a pub, <my girlfriend from the place> knows too. But I guess I am about to ditch him. And that was my big secret.
  • He’s somewhat a lone wolf.
  • I’ve noticed. And I was dealing with that relatively well until this weekend. But he’s crossed the line today. I’m sorry about putting you between two fires Dear. I was trying to avoid that. But I just hurt too much today. And no booze to calm me down.
  • I’m friends with you both. But if you’re not being treated the way you should or want to be, maybe best to move on. I really don’t wanna get involved any more than I already am.
  • I completely understand that. Exactly the reason I told him we should tell you. Early on too. And kept quiet since. Was thinking of telling you in an in person meeting, but you’ve been evasive like hell. Also don’t expect you to pick sides.
  • I’m Switzerland on this one.
  • Yes you are! I’m not going to tell you anything on the subject going forward. Now at least you know how safe you were to meet with me all this time! J
  • It goes without saying, but I’ll still ask you not to mention anything to G.
  • Oh I won’t. No worries.
  • Thanks to you too!
  • <My nationality> diamond.
  • Nah, I’m <my nationality> crap today. Sorry for putting you through this. Or not telling you earlier. Although it’s contradicting. Anyhow, you’re a good friend, I hope we keep in touch, no matter how things go between myself and Mr. G.
  • None of that stuff is relevant to our friendship.
  • I’m very happy to hear that!

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