And my Friday night date’s been rescheduled

G. hasn’t been having good sleeps over the few last nights, so he asked me if I didn’t mind doing a lunch on Sunday earlier today. I replied with a skeptical “I foresee some serious hangover for you on Sunday, but sure, let’s reschedule, don’t wanna watch you yawn tonight!”. He said he wouldn’t be getting drunk during the game. Also said the paintball game on Sunday got cancelled, as other guys had too much to do.

He did quit bullshitting recently, but it still made me wonder if there was a paintball game planned for Sunday for real or if it was yet another case of where he wanted to cap my time at his place (when we were originally planning for a date night for Saturday I mean).

Good news – he didn’t cancel flat out this time and even asked if I minded rescheduling. Some progress.

More good news – I found someone to flirt with at work. So that I can relieve some steam at least.


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