There must be something in the air today! I am telling ya!

So David Bowie’s passing shook G. pretty badly, I could tell – he’s been posting about it a lot on his FB page today. Turns out his late best friend was a big fan, so the death made him reminiscent of his friend, good times with him and all that. And he told me. I am very impressed.

Just like I am also impressed with the fact he not only told me about the game on Saturday, but said that we’ll try to get together on Friday night! Shocker, right there! I mean, I believe it when I see it, but the fact itself is a breakthrough! And then when I bitched some more about that work situation, he asked me if the guy was good looking! LMFAO! (I said, not really, but it didn’t matter, the whole thing was outrageous!)


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