A case at work

So this Big boss came down from the South to audit us. He held himself like he owned the place all day long. And then in the evening, when I went out for a smoke, he left a note at my desk with his hotel address, including his room number and phone number too! Here’s how my two guys reacted when I told them:


– Guess that’s how things are run in the States!
– That’s a little unethical, LOL
– Just a little, eh?
– Maybe think of it as ego boost
– Yeah, that guy at work who kept being inappropriate is a highly ethical guy compared to this! My ego’s just fine without this shit!
– Kissing smiley. 
– Thanks Hon, I’m freaking out here.
– Don’t, simple flirting. No ring on your finger.
– Room number doesn’t sound like flirting to me Dear. I may be old school. Out of this place. Phew! He was totally hitting on me! Ego boost it is!
– LOL. Safe trip home, it’s cold out there.
– This heartbreaker is safely home. Left his note where it was, hopefully he’ll think I didn’t notice it.

Dutch Buddy:

– You’re making that up.
– <Sent him a picture of the note>
– Is that the number for the hotel?
– Yeah, I guess. But still, WTF!
– Confirmed. It’s the hotel phone #. Was he sitting at your desk when he called to book? And it’s <provides the name of the hotel and its brand>
– What?! He’s visiting, he already is there. And he was sort of hitting on me during the day too! Awesome, thank you for verifying this for me!
– But how did this paper magically appear on your desk? Interesting. You gonna show up there tonight?
– Yeah, wearing my slut outfit, need to pick it up from cleaner’s, took it there after last weekend.
– You kill me.
– That’s my other hobby, I’m a slut and a killer. This vamp lady is safely home. I just left his note where it was, hopefully he’ll think I didn’t notice.
– Did you ever get any notes like that at <the place we used to work at together>?
– All the time, I actually have a binder full of those, I keep it on the same shelf as the used mug from that bitch she gave me when I was leaving.
– See, there you go again, I love your smart ass wit.
– Thank you Dear. I love my wits too! They’re all that keeps me from freaking out at times like these. I still cannot believe it though!
– Can’t say I’m surprised he’s got the hots for you, sure most of the boys there do, but it’s pretty insane if he left that for you intentionally.
– I’m sure he did. And he’s like my boss’s boss or something like that too! That guy at work who kept being inappropriate is a highly ethical guy compared to this! 
– But that guy would ask you to your face, not leave a note. He cannot leave notes, no one can decode all his spelling errors.
– LMAO, thank you! 


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