Isn’t that ironic!

When G. said we’d get together this Saturday, I went, but your team may play on that day! He replied with some blah blah that meant they wouldn’t.

Guess what?!!! They frigging are playing 8:15 pm this Saturday!!!

Now, knowledge is power, I’m undecided yet whether I should sit back and either watch him go, well, Darlin it’s playoffs and blah blah blah; or hope that he still may keep his word and invite me to watch it with him (highly, no, extremely unlikely); or I could go for a preventative strike and tell him I gotta cancel since my very hot buddy is coming for a visit, a card I’ve been planning on using whenever he’d cancel on me again.

Two things that make me doubtful are the somewhat masochistic wish to watch him make his way out of the corner he got himself into (or rather reluctance to create an easy way out for him); and the stupid hope he may actually honor his word and invite me to watch the game with him (again, highly unlikely!).

BTW, oddly enough I am neither mad or sad or anything like that, just curious and thoughtful of what I should do. Although I do know that the smartest thing is the buddy bogus. Whether I will finally start doing smart things is another question.


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