I was expecting G. to ditch me this weekend – what with the play-offs starting on Saturday and all. He also hasn’t mentioned next date during the last date at all, which is not typical. Neither did he mention anything about getting together on the calls during the week.

So I was all prepped with a bogus meeting with a girlfriend who’s celebrating her newly acquired single status or with a buddy of mine from the States… To respond to the no date message. Also have a line ready, a note to myself, next time, I am not dating football fans.

And then last night he went, we’ll figure out what we’re doing this Saturday. And in my mind I went huh? Seems like putting some emotional guard on myself works! I’ve been telling myself not to ask about the next date for the whole week, went the other way, and persuaded myself I can pretty much go on without one. And this happens.

That’s just an episode though, I still don’t like the big picture and I am going to have a talk with him come end February unless things improve big time. Like Big Time!


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