The Universe sends me a message

I got a blow in the face from the Universe. I slipped, lost my balance and went headfirst into a wall. Luckily neither my nose nor my teeth were broken, just some scratches and badly swollen upper lip. Looks quite bad though.

My takeaway from this – I quit going crazy. Period. That’s it, no more fidgeting and fussing over men or anything else. I owe that to my family. Cannot go on damaging myself – both on the inside and the outside. I am strong and I can take any blow quite easily – as long as my inner balance is in place.

If I am again at the point of going crazy, I’ll ditch the source of it. Call it self-preservation or something else, if I am back at the point of worrying my head off, I’ll quit. A new resolution for the year. Keep it calm!


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