Oh, the thrills of the honeymoon period – rather not!

I’ve been talking to my girlfriends and they tell me that the honeymoon period is the most romantic time in a relationship. Surely, it’s exciting and all that. However, in our conversation with another girlfriend she told me how she hated this period. All the insecurities and uncertainties that come with it are not worth the thrills according to her. I thought of it some, and I tend to agree! There are too many misunderstandings and worries caused by them that make me feel insecure and vulnerable to the point where I almost lose it. The romantic benefits aren’t worth that in my books. So I guess my best period comes after that – when you already know the person enough to understand their motives, to be able to predict their reactions and see why they do things in a certain way, but when the relationship is still relatively new for you to be excited about each other.


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