G. messaged me earlier than usual today. I got alarmed. And for a good reason as it turned out. Of course, he ‘s fighting something. Of course, he hates everyone right now. Except for me. Me, according to him, he hasn’t seen for a week. Which I corrected with two weeks, actually. Seriously?!!! 😡

When I told him to go home, he went, not now, too much stuff to do, maybe later. And added, don’t worry, we’ll at least go for a dinner tomorrow.

For the record I replied it wasn’t the date, it was his health I was worried about.

Off the record I say – WTF?!!! Really?!!! I mean, REALLY?!!! It may be my internal bitch talking, but hear, hear! G. is being a hero of the frigging place, coming in to work feeling sick to help everyone out. At my expense to some extent. Cuz if he wanted to go out with me that badly, wouldn’t it be logical to try to recover asap – and to do so he’d should probably stay put to preserve some energy.

I AM losing patience with the guy. It also proves my previous point – the once a week thing just is not working!

Also, what a nice touch – he’ll still make it to dinner. Awww! So that I can drive for 30 mins to eat in his company risking catching some nasty virus in the process. Awesomeness! NOT!!! 😡

Sooooo mad right now. Makes it two times over less than 12 hours or so. A personal record I guess.


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