What’s in it for me?

The recent events and mostly my girlfriends’ reaction to them made me thinking – what am I getting out of the relationship with G.? I mean, really, I can see how it’s so convenient to him – I accepted his schedule, his terms, his everything pretty much.

So what do I get out of it? Great time once a week? If I am lucky. Interesting and fun company? Someone who demonstrates certain level of care for me? Some unclear prospects of a serious relationship? A title of girlfriend?

So I go hmm in my mind. Cause once you put it all together, I am not that impressed. What do I want? More excitement about myself for starters. I want a guy to really make plans with me, not mention them in passing and then maybe someday getting them done.

My plan for now – wait until February, if there are no changes that I look for, I’m done. Don’t want to waste time on something that won’t make me happy. šŸ˜¦


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