Another G. date

We just stayed at his place, he cooked another yummy dinner and we watched American Sniper which is a good movie.

Turns out G. cracked his rib this Thursday – by walking into a post – he was looking the other way when he was walking. So the poor guy was in some pain since.

Nice little things that are sweet – he said he missed me few times, I also noticed he actually bought the perfume I told him about sometime ago – the one that drove me crazy (turned out it wasn’t the stuff after all, but it’s the gesture that matters). Called me pretty lady and complimented my clothes too.

We stayed up until one again just chatting and drinking – since it was my second night of chatting and drinking (I was at a girlfriend’s place the night before), I got quite hammered, but then some prevention steps that I took made me feel fresh and rested this morning. Although according to him I was snoring last night! 😀 (Which I brushed off with a So were you!)

He said he wasn’t sure about going away for Xmas, he may have to work during the shutdown, but he said he’d play his guitar for me at Xmas, aww.



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