I am an addict! I kept reading the psychology blog I stumbled upon last week and saw this article on how to get over clinginess. The lady author was explaining that the only way to deal with it is to weaken the love addiction by establishing energy resources elsewhere.

And that’s when I went, Bingo! Like I said few posts before, I plunge into a relationship. Always did – I literally go crazy. But then I realized, it’s more than that. Whenever I get interested in something, I do the same, more or less. It happened to alcohol at some point – my worst addiction so far.

It happened to gaming – I used to get in and out of it at certain points in my life, but it got so bad that I would cut down my sleep to few hours a day top, would skip meals and just play 24×7.

Same happened to parenting – when I was a new momma, I was obsessed with the thing. I thought it was hormones. Now I doubt it, it’s rather addiction kicking in again.

Also exercising – when I started running, I soon was running every other day. I would feel upset and unhappy, basically, deprived whenever I couldn’t run!

I kept telling people I knew I was addictive that’s why I steer clear of gambling. But saying it and realizing it are different things.

Another observation – addiction must be the reverse side of having a strong personality – it’s the need to go to extremes, otherwise there is not enough power in whatever I am doing to make a dent in my emotional field.

Going back to relationships – seems like intuitively I knew what was going on (after all, this is not my first addiction at all) – so I did exactly what the lady blogger advised, went back to other energy sources that I abandoned in my new obsession, also developed new ones. All’s good!


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