Another thought that came to me recently – asking for advice in relationships is wrong. At some point I went to this blog community asking for interpretation of certain behaviour of G. Most comments went along the lines of ‘he’s not that into you’ which I can now tell with a high level of certainty was wrong at that point.

No matter how many details of your situation you provide, how much you tell about the person, the only way to know what’s going on is to be in the situation. And let your analytical skills and your intuition make judgements based on what they observe and hear. There is no other way.

Just like with kids, maybe it’s general rule for interpersonal relationships – interaction between two people is always unique. The way a person behaves with one individual wil most likely be different with different individuals. Slightly or not, depending on the parties.

Therefore, asking someone else to interpret an interpersonal situation between two people is not helpful. Unless the only point is to try and ‘bounce it off’ somebody – so that the discussion, or rather talking through it provides a prospective and helps one to analyse it.

Also people who haven’t met both people in question cannot provide much useful feedback at all.


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