A night full of disappointments

I could pretty much leave the post blank since the header summarises it all!

Well, fine, the dinner was great. But then it not just went downhill, it plummeted. First the Mockingjay movie was awful. I honestly thought of getting up and leaving in the middle of it. And I am a fan of the books! And the previous part were pretty cool too!

Then we went to G.’s place – and nothing happened! Just some cuddling and a bit of drinking (since I was going to leave). So he does admit twice now (last Saturday and the Saturday before that) that no sex for two weeks ain’t cool – and yet does it again. When I said I wouldn’t see him for two weeks, he said he’d miss me too! I was somewhat disappointed. Fine, great deal. He got up at five in the morning yesterday, was quite tired by the time we got to his place, but still! Grrr!


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