Update on the situation

Hmmmm. G. frigging strained big time! Like BIG TIME!

I went, so the Dutch Buddy called me to discuss this work email I sent to my X boss. G.’s response – that’s right, you did mention the email! Have you heard back on that one yet?

I keep going after some detour into the answer, so the Dutch Buddy also said we should get together sometime, we agreed on Tuesday and he suggested he invites you too! – Silence.

I continue, he was also telling me about your upcoming trip. I make jokes on how I kept myself from acknowledging I knew of it. – Silence.

I asked about the tickets – he starts telling me of how his search is going and how Thanksgiving is a big thing in the States and tickets are ridiculously overpriced. I offer to take him to the airport – he was thinking about it, he admits. We talk crossing the border stories from my past experience and call it a night.

If this ladies and gentlemen, wasn’t jealousy, I dunno what is! I hope it may make him realize that he cares for me, or rather how much he does. Never seen anything like that from him before! O_o

Unless he was planning something for Tuesday night and this got in the way of his agenda… Tomorrow night’s gonna be interesting!


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