Hilarious stuff here!

So the Dutch Buddy and I had a call tonight. And we chatted for awhile, just a friendly exchange mostly. And then I go, we should meet! We agree on the next Tuesday. He adds, I could also invite G.!

There and then I nearly lost it from laughing! But I didn’t! Instead I went, sure, if he wants to! He goes, G.’s leaving for Wisconsin on Wednesday and won’t be in until the following week. To myself I go, tell me about it! To the guy I response, well, that means he can go out on Tuesday night, no need for him to get up early for his shift, unless his plane is at five in the morning! And he goes, yeah, that may actually work out well!!!

Little does he know! Poor guy is completely clueless! We agreed he would talk to G. and get back to me. G.’s is learning about it from me on a call tonight, that’s for sure! And I hope he’ll laugh – maybe not as hard as I did, but still. Then most likely he’ll bail out, so will the Dutch Buddy after him, but this whole thing was so totally worth it!!!


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