My major problem revealed!

I learned something new about the situation at work which sent me into another freakout round. G.’s comment on it made me pinpoint my main problem – well, he spelled it for me – I worry too much!

Maybe it sounds obvious, maybe it’s been on the surface, I dunno. But this got me thinking – and he’s right, whenever there’s a situation in my life that has at least some uncertainty in it, I start worrying. I guess it’s my newly found control freak talking.

This and the perfectionist’s guilt feeling of not trying hard enough, not beeing good enough landed me where I am right now – in the freakout spot.

What I do about it? Well, I listed all my worries on a piece of paper and wrote up my responses to those. (OK, not all, major).

I will also try to concentrate on what’s good – life-to-work balance; I am supporting a family of four all by myself; I enjoy my guy’s company; I am strong, kind and smart – I can handle any shit that flies my way.

I should also cut some slack for myself – life’s a marathon, not a sprint, I cannot give it all all the time – it’s impossible and not expected! And who cares about others’ expectations?!

Sooooo, from now on, Hakuna Matata and Goosfraba!



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