The date last night

It went well. We didn’t talk s much, but I am getting comfortable with being silent together. We went to the movies – and ended up sitting next to the biggest bitch from the place he works at! In a reserved seats theatre too! What are the chances! I used to sit next to her for a year and I am NOT missing the experience. She saw us holding hands, we said hi, she ignored me and said, G., I didn’t expect to see you here!

We went for some appetizers to a restaurant afterwards, and the waitress who came up from behind of G. greeted us with Ladies! That was sooo funny!

Had a great evening after that – passionate makeout, talking until one in the night. At some point I told him I wasn’t going anywhere. He again nearly dropped the L word – this time during the bedroom session 🙂 He also told me he is going to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving – so won’t come to the Xmas party at my work. He said he was sorry about that when I told him.

Now I started wondering about Christmas. I know, it’s too early, but still – I don’t celebrate it, I asked if he was going to go see mom for Christmas – he said he would. But I still wonder…


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