The other shoe

I learned this expression recently – to wait for another shoe to drop – when something good’s happening, one should expect shit to restore the balance in life so to say. I guess in my case it went the other way round – shit with work hit the fan and now G. keeps surprising me. In a good way too! Knocking on the wood.

I know it’s silly, mind you, but whenever we used emoticons until now, we steered clear of anything that had hearts in them. Yes, I am well aware how stupid it sounds for someone who’s in her thirties seeing someone who’s in his forties. And no, I don’t have any heart shape phobias or whatnot – I’ve been using those emoticons freely with my girlfriends. Anyhow, today’s the day when G. decided he could risk it! Things you learn when dating – obviously, this one’s called love struck!



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