Rule numba whatever – don’t freak out and call!

Poor G. got under LOTS of pressure from me last night. I am still freaking out full steam over the work situation and his lack of comments on it rubbed me the wrong way too. So we’ve been on the phone for 25 mins last night, a personal record for now I guess, and I betcha he didn’t enjoy most of it. I was just going in circles freaking out. And then started asking him what he felt at the prospect of my possible return to the place. He said it would be nice, but… And that was it. Further inquiry into But what? gained nothing.

So I switched subject and also apologized in a message later last night for being so freaked out, that I appreciated his support. I was wrong, I don’t have to expect the guy to help me in this situation, cause like he pointed out, quite frankly, he knows nothing of my profession. And I haven’t heard from him this morning yet, will see how much damage I’ve done.


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