Lots of stuff going on

I have work-related issues that made me try to go back to my previous place. Yeah, the one where G. and the Dutch Buddy work. Dutch Buddy was so far quite helpful, but said he’d prefer not to talk about me with the bosses if this can be prevented – fearing that somebody suspects something. Silly man!

G. asked why I wanted to come back, and then was sending he hugging smileys but never said he’d be happy if I were back. Which made me go hmmm in my mind, he did express how sorry he was when I was leaving two months back. But oh well.

And then we didn’t have our evening call this night either – he must have fallen asleep on his couch again, after all, we stayed up until I guess almost two on Saturday night, then he had an early morning last night. So all is good I guess.


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