And the last piece of paranoia falls off me and smashes on the floor

The userpic on FB I was all worked up about at some point among other things? The one that I suspected was taken when he said he was getting together with his buddies? And where I discovered that the ceiling in the pic was not from the place he claimed he went to? Well, miss Fucking Crazy Detective, the picture in question was from 2013!!! Love the feeling of OMFG I am stupid and paranoid that comes with the relief of the last issue getting resolved. The guy’s protective of his own inner world and somewhat secretive. SO WHAT?!! He’s not peacock like Dutch Buddy, but the latter I enjoy making fun of and teasing, I don’t really crush on peacocks anymore! They’re fun in the sun, but when the clouds arrive, you’re most likely on your own!

And G. messaged me about an hour ago that he did fall asleep on the couch and was heading to bed. Oh the joys of seeing a guy who works crazy hours!


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