PHEW! Another relief!

Emotional rollercoaster it is!!!

I was in the darkness of paranoia again this week. Causes – the new pic on Facebook he posted that doesn’t look like something a guy would take – at some restaurant by the looks of it. Disappearance of my card from his fridge. And two days off he booked on Fridays before working Saturdays. Which is totally random and I thought had to do with another woman.

Now having just had an hour long call with a girlfriend it clicked – Thursday night games!!! DUH! I checked the schedule – and there it is, on both nights before those Fridays his team’s playing!!! Feeling like a total paranoid freak. Gonna see my shrink next week and ask her to fix this!!!

And yes, sleep deprivation and hangover trigger paranoia – a sidenote to myself.


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