To calm down a certain girl who follows this blog

I am out of another crisis. Match is fun, no more. G. said if he was feeling better, he’d come tomorrow as long as he wasn’t intruding. I told him I’d really like it if he came tomorrow. So on a call tonight he said he’d make a great effort to come. Sounds almost like I’d like to see you too! in his language.

Had a fight with my mom – she tells me the relationship has no future as long as I am put on a tight schedule of dates every Saturday and my whole life rotates around the guy. She must have seen my blog post in a psychology blog asking for advice and misinterpreted it. Reminded me of exactly why I don’t share my relationship concerns and thoughts with my mom! She knows better than anyone how to get on my nerves. But that sort of distracted me of my issues!

And to you, my dear girl, I want to say – I already made up my mind, some time ago too, I like the guy and want to give him a shot. As much as he is screwed up and full of issues, I haven’t met anyone as good for me as he is either. Therefore all the worries and crazy crap! Told you before – I am way more sound than it sounds here! Waaaay more!


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