Another trigger pinpointed

I didn’t realize that my main paranoia trigger is not the girlfriend with jerk for boyfriend who only talked to me once this week. It’s my new great girlfriend who I chat with in texts throughout the days now. She has a very heated flirting going on with this manager at the place I used to work for and where G. still works. The way the guy is all over her is amazing! It’s so passionate, romantic and exciting, I live through her texts. And not being jelous or envious by nature, I am truly happy for her. But I didn’t realize that my mind was comparing all this time. And the comparison didn’t work out in favour of G. at all! And that’s been nugging me for some time now – being right on the surface too – and still it took me a week to realize it! So it’s good that this girlfriend goes on vacay next week and I’ll get a break from all this romantic sweetness reports. Like I said, I’ll miss them for sure, they’re adorable and make me feel happy for her, but at the same time they feed my paranoia!


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