Every gal needs a gameplan!

Been skyping, texting and FB messaging with my collective intelligence also known as best girlfriends ever!

Takeaway is as follows: I’ll give G. some time to change his ways. Said a month, now think of New Year’s as a good deadline. If by then there’s no improvement in levels of enthusiasm and frequency of dates on his end, will take his request for more time and space to the full extent and relive the fellow from my company permanently.

Reason for providing a delay – suspicions that I might have been behaving odd in times of my paranoia. Which he felt and cooled off towards me.

PS. It’s ten pm, haven’t heard from him since four, no dating plans specified for tomorrow, no mentioning of it since last Saturday in fact, but G. does seem like a last minute sucking at planning guy, so I’ll let it go, finish my bath and will hit the sack. No messaging him whatsoever. Let him come to me. Always!


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