My mom always said I wasn’t life wise. Now I understand what she meant. With the great logical mind and analytical abilities in stock (yeah, I am not that modest, I know) I suck at employing them in my own everyday life. No filters, they say. I say bad filters.

I am not cunning in life, I speak up too much. When I feel certain way, people around me will most likely know of it. Pretence is not something I am good at at all. I am only good at flirting (which in essence is a form of acting, thus pretence) as long as I feel like it’s a game to me. As soon as I get emotionally involved, I suck!

Same with discussing serious matters with guys – when one needs to go on a detour to eventually make a guy believe that whatever you wanted was all his idea from the beginning – I just rush headlong. And bump into a wall of resistance, duh! No guy wants to be bossed around unless he’s infantile. Actually, no person, no matter what sex, wants to be bossed around. Gals just take it with less resistance.

What’s a takeaway from all this? I need to try and cut down on my bossiness. I need to become more girlish. Yup. Indeed. I made my appearance way more girlish over the last two years, now it’s turn to let it sink in. Also, need to leave some matters for girlfriends circle and not dump it on the guys. There is a saying in my mother tongue, I always found it repulsive, but now I’d rather agree with it and see how it’s wise – don’t show your entire butt to either your husband or your dog. No idea what’s with the dog though. But you totally should avoid exposing all of you to the guy.


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