Not that sympathetic, am I now?

Was telling my girlfriend that G.’s schedule was actually as follows: he works shifts that start 5:00 am daily six days a week with Monday shift starting at 4:00 am, thus an early bedtime on Sunday. Not every Saturday is workday, but this year they were 36 (of total 52 weeks in a year, do your math). So basically the guy only has one night a week where he doesn’t have to go to bed by eight – Saturday. And over the last two months we’ve been spending these nights together with few exceptions. So he only gets Sunday to do his chores and watch football in the process. I guess I am being a bitch asking for more attention and all – I just keep slipping out of sympathetic mindset for his schedule.

My girlfriend even said she’d ditch me in his place – if she were working those crazy hours and had to deal with my crazy crap on top of that. I hope I kept it together well enough.

So my options are – to be considerate of his schedule and busy myself with something on all these weekdays (my current approach) or quit the whole thing altogether. Well, third option is to drag him out of this nightmare of a place, but that’s long-term and well, quite a maybe.


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