OMG! It’s a relief!

I now enjoy our conversations again – they don’t feel like walking a minefield anymore – where I need to watch what I am saying or not saying and where I try to look for some hidden meanings or signs of whatever in his words! I am just happy to be there in the moment and when it’s over go on with my life with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

I guess he felt it too – the change in my moods I mean. He’s been messaging me more today (or maybe I just noticed how much he does just now?) and was more chatty on the call too – well, that may have to do with the excitement of the game yesterday. Turns out he used to be very good at professional paintball at some point – ten years back he ranked first in the country and was fifth when he left the sport five years ago, being one of the oldest professional players at the point. I cannot say I am not impressed. 🙂 Although it didn’t stop me from teasing him about bragging.

And here is something new for this blog – a picture of G.!

Greg paintball


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