The Dutch Buddy update

Not sure where I left this one off, but we’ve been messaging back and forth for some time, he’s been ditching me about getting together. He was in Europe for the last ten days, messaging me pretty steadily when he got hammered every night.

Today I messaged him about this episode at the gas station – where a guy was basically oggling me to the point of being creepy. He was quite good looking and in a fancy car too, so I stared back. Here is how are messaging went on it:

DB, Well what were you wearing cause such an incident?

Me, Nothing? Just skinny jeans and a hoodie. I was also wearing my happy satisfied seducing morning-after-good-sex smile, that must have caused it!

DB, After good sex smile? Nice. That’ll do it.

Me, Yup. After good date in general, don’t wanna appear horny or anything.

DB, Stop it. I’m sure you were very horny.

Me, I might have been. Also was wearing my new bright red lipstick last night.

And that’s where it ended. Am I crazy, or is this borderline sexting? And I guess it also means he’ll be ditching be again about the getting together plans we made while he was in Europe. Oh well.


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