My girlfriend, a genius

So following some crazy train of thought in my head about episode number two from this post I thought – and it’s one in the morning here and I worked crazy hours – so might be totally crazy – or my intuition is right yet again – so I thought, wait a minute! Last time I stayed at his place on Sunday longer than usual. Got up later, 9:30, left at 11. He said nothing, just went about on his regular chores – started doing laundry for one. And now there’s this oh-so-unexpected game on Sunday morning! Coincidence?! Well, maybe. But what if he didn’t like me hanging around longer – and this is his response? I mean, it sounds crazy, I know, I know, but what if it is one of those I-am-a-crazy-loner kind of things – where I crossed some frigging invisible border and he had alarms go off and that’s his way of handling it?

Well then, too bad so sad for him – my girlfriend’s plan works like a charm in this case! Oh, poor Darling needs to go to bed early for an early game? Well, of course I won’t linger then, let’s do dinner and movie and I’ll leave Sweetheart! Oh, but I have this rule, I don’t sleep with guys and leave. I sleep with guys and then stay for the night. Otherwise it makes me feel somewhat slutty. Crazy, right? I know, but still, this girl has her rules, I’m sooooo sorry!!! Send me a picture of yourself in the paintball gear, I’ll send you one of myself with my new toy – all this sex deprivation may be bad for my health…

The poor Darling in this case will be left alone in the morning alright. But without good memories from the previous night too. That’s so brilliant, such a great lesson of you lie – it gets right back to you and bites you in the butt, I am ecstatic!

So yesss, the plan stays!!!


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