If I ever needed more examples

G. is going to go home to Wisconsin for vacation. What was bugging me is that he cannot make up his mind as to whether he’s going to go for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I even asked him once what his decision depended on. He only shrugged it off with, nothing really, I just need to make up my mind and book a flight!

My paranoid self went all narrowing eyes, hmmm, there must be someone he wants to meet up with down there and waits for their (or should I say her!) decision on when she’s coming down.

Although knowing what I know from his past, it’s most likely the opposite – he wants to avoid meeting with someone and is probably waiting for them to decide and then go on the other holiday. Duh! Why not tell me – well, I am not his confident, and he may be reluctant to mention this whole episode again.


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