Yay to the girlfriends and other grrrrreat stuff!

I’ve snapped out of the craziness yesterday afternoon after a phone chat with one of my gals. They’re my only anchor to sanity sometimes, I swear.

Things improved last night too – G. messaged me that he was thinking about me, and kept sending the hugging and kissing smileys like crazy. Also chatted with him for about twenty minutes later that night – the man cannot not have anything for me and endure this much of me! I also dropped the L bomb in that one – ooopsie – when he said he’d been chatting with my girlfriend and they were having a good laugh, I went something like: I wish I were there, luv you guys! I got all embarrassed and we switched the topic, but I don’t think he’ll take it in a romantic way, after all I bundled him with my gal! And it was after two beers on my side, three beers on his, may have even passed unnoticed.

Also last night the Dutch Buddy started messaging (don’t recall anything like that – at least not in the recent history). We’ve been messaging back and forth quite a lot since he left on his business trip last Wednesday, he finally said the day before yesterday that it was about time we’d met (but this one I believe when I see!). But last night he was drunk and very cute – saying things that he jumped on his bed possibly in a form of cannon ball and that my name meant “very hot” in my language and his name translated as “very drunk” from Dutch. 😀 Also sort of apologized for calling me dick before when I mentioned it – he said, never before that dark hour had he called a girl that.

While messaging with him, I also messaged G. that his boss was quite wasted and sent the cannon ball quote to him in response to his “Is he? LOL”. That is, after removing the beginning of it with the hot translation and all. I want to keep him on his toes, sure, but I don’t want to either make him overly concerned or think less of me for being a flirt.


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