The date last night was odd

I left with mixed feelings this morning. Here is the chronology.

I made dinner for us – it was the first time I cooked for him (and probably the last one for a longer time now, LOL) – made drumsticks with Arab style rice and some simple salad. The rice turned out to be a disaster – I overcooked it, we had a good laugh at it. G. went “How do you make you rice” – “Wrong!” was my response.

Then we moved on to the couch to watch a movie – our regular routine by now. He was falling asleep here and there as usual too, although he promised he wouldn’t (but I was skeptical about that promise). At eleven when the movie was over, he switched to TV, we watched it for half an hour or so and then started chatting – again, politics, history, travelling stuff like that. That’s where the gem of the evening came. He again said he’d love to go to Rome and Vatican in particular and that he’d love me to come with him. That was nice. But the gem came later, when we were discussing politics and I was giving my opinion on some event in the past, he went: “You’re so smart, that’s why I…” and he stumbled and paused and started another sentence. And I am not sure even that I remember his words exactly, cause it was soooo obvious he nearly dropped the L bomb, that I felt all warm and fuzzy inside at that moment.

After chatting for over an hour and a half we went to bed, made out some (he loves my lips, quote unquote), and then he took a rain-check until morning in sex. And that’s where I strained. But it was after one in the morning, he didn’t get a good sleep the previous night, we had some wine and bourbon by that time. This morning though when I tried to cash in my rain-check, nothing happened. And that’s fucked up!

Another big issue was when I invited him over to my place for the next weekend – he sorta accepted the invitation before – that’s when his trip to his mom that never happened got in the way – this time he said that he wanted to rather wait until when he’d take Monday off, cause in case he didn’t sleep well, he’d be pretty miserable. When I said I wasn’t following, he went, imagine if I get up really early the following morning – what do I do – stalk your place? There is still no connection between taking the following day off and stalking my place at night in my mind. What is clear to me, something is bugging him about this whole visit. I hope it’s my mom, and not something about the relationship.

It isn’t time yet to DTR, define the relationship, but few more weekends like that – where the program is the same and he doesn’t suggest doing anything the following morning, and I will have to have a Where is this going talk.


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