Some thoughts on the issue from last night

Me being my old paranoid self immediately jumped to the nastiest possible explanation for no sex – him having had a go with someone else recently – and calling it the most likely one too!

However, wouldn’t it be also at least as likely that well, he had a physical screw-up? Or that I did something that turned him off temporarily? Or that he noticed my fussiness (I was trying to be secretive about it, but still) over my periods, realized it was the case and just didn’t feel like having a bloody show? Yes, we had that before, but it doesn’t mean he liked it.

So my takeaway will be – leave this be, watch how things develop from here and try to not fall any more for him than where I currently am for now, until these red flags are removed. Depending on how the next date goes I may still have a conversation with the Dutch Buddy about G., but I am not yet 100% sure whether I can trust him with something as big as this.

PS. He wasn’t as secretive about his phone anymore and I also looked around his place – the bathroom cabinet was opened – nothing suspicious in there, nothing that raises any suspicions elsewhere either and my card is still on the fridge. That’s encouraging.


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