Goose Fraaaaba

The header is the calming mantra from Anger Management.

So I decided that both the lies, the postings I made earlier today and chat with girlfriends on the subject may have had an effect on my judgement of the situation.

I immediately got jealous and suspicious. That’s not cool!

Interpreting a quick call as a nearly certain sign of cheating is definitely unreasonable.

That’s why I decided to a. Be his advocate. Was that weird and unusual? Yes. Does it mean he was hiding something? Maybe. Even likely so. Does it automatically mean it was related to cheating? Not at all. And b. I sent him a peace offering, I had sent him my pic from hairdresser earlier with tin foil in my hair in crazy frenzy, now I said I was sorry for being grumpy, said it was my hunger speaking (lie!, but he knows that I am nasty when hungry), and sent the after pic calling it peace offering.

The purpose of the message was, in fact, twofold. Inspired by the Trojan horse. The moment he reads it, I’ll know. BBM lets you do that, I ranted about that earlier, now it’s to my advantage. If he reads it before 11 pm, i.e. 15 mins from now, it may mean he was still awake all this time and it’s VERY fishy. With him getting up at three this morning and having to get up at four tomorrow, he must have a great reason to not be asleep yet. After eleven he may get up for water or whatever and read it, no issues. And I aylso know by now that he physically can hardly stay awake until eleven too. And an update – he saw it, and it’s ten to eleven. Hmmm.

K. Will call it get up from the sleep for now. But won’t message him in the morning. Advocate with trust issues.


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