What bugs me about G. – the intuition/paranoia corner

All this lie issue has uprooted me from my so recently acquired relative stability state and sent me into emotional turmoil yet again. Although it calmed down on the surface – I’ve forced it to, I still have boiling feelings on the inside.

What bugged me before – to some extent – and even more so now – is his secrecy with his cell. Might be that he’s just used to his privacy – after all, he did say he was big on it. But then there were BBM messages coming during most of our get-togethers. And he said they were from the two guys from work I know – one of them is actually the Dutch Buddy (small world!) – discussing football. And since they are discussing it at work a lot and it is football season, and they are all in a betting pool, it makes sense.

Then there was this call on Sunday night – that he let ring – and commented it was his mum (yeah, again) and that he’d call her back the following day. Good explanation – it was indeed his mum and he didn’t want to answer to not reveal some other bits of the lie I’ve uncovered (maybe she was totally clueless of his supposed “visit” to her place and was calling to say Happy Thanksgiving!). Bad explanation – well, you’ll figure this one out.

Another piece of the puzzle that still is bugging me is the not telling the Dutch Buddy thing. Maybe it is that he fears his jealousy and how it’ll reflect on their relationship – including work. But what if the Dutch Buddy knows something about G. that G. doesn’t want me to know? And all G. fears is that I’ll get that info the minute the Dutch Buddy finds out. Whether he’ll be motivated by our friendship or jealousy or both is unimportant.

A somewhat reassuring thought is that he does call me every night at around seven thirty – before his bedtime, he also answers my messages (we BBM too) quite quickly except for few times. He also messages quite often in the evenings too – so I don’t get an impression he is busy with something else – but the things he says he does – relaxing, watching TV shows, playing PS. And with the six days a week work schedule coming up shortly he won’t be able to physically squeeze two full sized dates in a week. Not that I think he did in the previous weeks, not in earnest.


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