The date last night

Good signs: G. would spend about five minutes few times during the evening just looking at me. When I asked what the matter was, he said, nothing, just staring. It feels odd, but nicely odd, I must admit. He also pinned the card I sent him from Italy to his fridge. I thought it was cute (doesn’t seem like a calculated step on his side – he hardly does things to show off). He also asked me to pick up wine on my way to his place – I thought it was a good sign, too.

The date went well – first of all, he CAN cook! OMFG! The pasta he made was Delicious! And this is coming from someone who just returned from a week of indulging herself with Italian food in Italy itself! For that alone I can forgive him some things.

When we moved on to the couch after dinner, I composed the most serious expression on my face I could manage after having a YUMMY dinner with some wine and told him that should he lie to me again, that would be the last time he’d see me. Cause I didn’t want to become the crazy person. And that he could try me and tell me the truth instead. He said he would.

It’s almost funny how we keep impressing each other with our knowledge on different subjects – his knowledge of history keeps amazing me, my knowledge of random shit – like the fact that bourbon only is called that if it’s made in Kentucky, same with cognac and armagnac for the province with the same name in France and rest of France respectively. He even kissed me when he heard me say that ^_^ At least some of my time wasted studying random crap pays off.

I also suggested that we’d do something Monday morning (the following day) – like a walk. He was somewhat reluctant, but said we might as well go for a walk. (Seems like he hoped for rain, he said in the morning it was in the forecast, but the weather was extremely nice!)

After some make-out session that went well, that’s all I’m going to say, we watched a movie, he again fell asleep in the midst of it. We then went to bed, this time to actually sleep. I managed to sleep in this time around, to only find him groggy and looking extremely tired – he got up at three and couldn’t sleep. I asked if it had to do with me. He said it hadn’t, just insomnia he gets once or twice a month. So I decided not to mention the walk and just took off after a coffee.

I think we are good, at least for now. My girlfriends have done some research for me – asking men around them to comment on the lies I got – all four men asked confirmed that it meant the guy wanted to be alone and lied to not offend me. (They weren’t given the explanation, just got description of the situation).


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