A whiny needy bitch

That’s me! We usually have a call every night at 7:30. Tonight he was traveling to his mom’s place from six, said he’d text me later. That was at six. The trip should at most take an hour and a half. So I messaged him at eight asking how his trip was going. Oh, just hanging out with mom, he said. Also asked me how I was doing and commented on a movie I was watching. And that’s it.

I know, he hasn’t seen his mom for awhile and do on and so forth. But how hard is it really to shoot me a message with whether I am getting my call? Or saying more than just how funny my movie was? Turns out I’m so used to our messaging and calling every night, I get quite sad if I don’t get it! Was also messaging with the Dutch buddy, caught myself feeling disappointed when his messages announced their arrival. Hmmm…

UPD: And call me a stalker, but his train arrived in him mom’s town at seven after eight, so when he said he was hanging out with mom at five to eight, that is weird, isn’t it? L word comes to mind…


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