Happy dance

The whole fixation issue seems to be gone for good. Knocking on the wood and anything that may help it stick.

Now that I don’t spend every waking hour worrying about my dating life, I really started enjoying things that have been there all the time but were cut off with the obsession dome. Now it’s yay, night out with a girlfried. Or yay, pretty views on my way to work! And many other yays too. Not that I didn’t enjoy these things at all, but they felt muffled somehow.

With that the negative things arrived too – muffler obviously worked in both directions. If I weren’t that worried about work stuff or X stuff before, now it kicked in too. So everything has its price, as always. But I’ll take that over what I used to be like at any time.

And now that the craziness is over, I am getting a better look at G. too – that’s a surprise – you would think that being obsessed with someone, you’d see them as clearly as you can. But I must have been rather obsessed with the idea of dating, starting a relatioship, making it work than with the person himself. So now this is happening too. And so far I rather like what I am seing. 🙂


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