Uh-oh, this is trouble!

Now I am sure I’ve fallen for G. That’s not a bad thing at all, but still scary. I guess the final step or few into that were made last night… I also see signs he’s there as well, so it is a good thing.

We went out for dinner (the plan originally was him cooking, but the extra furniture at his place prevented him from assembling the dinner table and made him change plans) to a quite fancy restaurant, bumped into someone from his current and my previous work (the guy pretended to be so deep into conversation with his date that didn’t look up both times we passed him – he might have been, but most likely he was preventing a possibly awkward conversation, after all him and I used to be in the same department), had a nice dinner, then went to his place and spent most of the evening talking – politics, news, history, some more of our lives… Turns out he technically didn’t even get his high-school diploma! But fell through the cracks in the system and got his college diploma 🙂

He said that it was nice to be able to have a meaningful conversation with me, unlike his previous two relationships I know a lot. The nerd in me burst into a triumphant dance at that (it’s not the first time he acknowledges my intelligence, but still).

He is of the same political views as I am, he hasn’t voted for some time, but said that this time he might as well do so. I discovered few more things we clicked in, and it wasn’t the feverish OMG! We’re so similar in so many ways as it was with S. either, just went niiiiice in my head.

He also said he’d love to go over to my place on one of the childfree weekends and had a good laugh when I asked him not to see it as meeting the parents invitation but as come see my place thing.

The best part of the very nice evening was sex though! Until now it was me being too excited or too drunk or him having that work injury and being doped with drugs – so my impression of this aspect of our relationship was at OK level in my mind, which was fine, I mean, it didn’t suck for sure, and as long as I am emotionally involved, I don’t really care. Last night my assessment changed to Fucking Awesome!

The only bad thing was when I suggested I’d drive him back from his visit to his mom’s next weekend (he doesn’t drive, the Dutch buddy lives in the same town do he’ll drive him there, he was going to take a train back) he said we shall see. I am not going to read much into that though.


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