Other good things about last night

Again – as my memory is bad, I’ll be writing them down…

After we came back from dinner, G. told me to park at the front door of his building as opposed to my by now usual spot in the back – said that whenever there were visitors spots available in the front going forward I should use it. I am not saying he intentionally wanted me to park in the back before, just never had a chance to fix this in the past I guess.

Another important thing (to my paranoid self) – I noticed yesterday morning that he changed his profile pic on FB at 11:30 pm on Friday, which I must admit stirred some concern in me – not to crazy scale of OMFG! He must have returned from a date and went on FB, but made me go hmmm in my mind (11:30 is hours past his bedtime). So when he replied to my positive comment on the pic that it was an old one (which I already knew) and that he woke up at 11, couldn’t go back to sleep for awhile and surfed web for some time changing the pic in the process, I felt well, relieved I guess.

When we were discussing something, he went “we are in no hurry, we have all night, don’t we?” – that was a very cute way of either asking me to stay or confirming he didn’t mind me staying.

He also said he was content on several occasions and once or twice even let himself use happy instead… Awww.


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