And on a silly note

Messaged the Dutch Buddy asking him how he was. When he complained that he was feeling sore after playing some volleyball and again claiming it was getting old thing and how it sucked, I told him he should exercise more, age has nothing to do with it. He said he should buy one of those videos they advertise on TV. My comment went that I have no TV, so I just run – and it’s been working so far – lost weight, gained some endurance and an amazing butt as a nice bonus (couldn’t help it!). “Can’t say I didn’t notice”, he went. I told him he could, but I’d know he was lying and that actually as long as he was noticing things like that he wasn’t old after all (bullshit, I know, but he bought into it!).

I just ❤ our flirty buddies exchange! I really hope it lifts his spirits, cause that’s what I am trying to achieve there now. I do have guilt pangs towards G. (something new there!), but only slight ones – as much as I wouldn’t like him to have an exchange like that with anyone, I don’t mean it in any well cheating way, so I am technically good. And I consider it my safety net – so it’s even good for him in a way – no one wants a crazy unstable girlfriend!


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