I AM out of the woods!

Woot-woot! I actually celebrated it last night with port and a nice movie. I somehow slumped into a tunnel state where all I really cared about, that was able to generate a positive emotional response in me, was the dating stuff! Well, at least a strong enough emotional response. Basically, an obsession, just like I called it!

What helped me to snap out of it? I believe it was a combination of self-therapy in this blog, comments I was getting from my girlfriends (thank you ladies, you’re the best!) and my vacation. I clearly remember the feeling that lingered for the first two or three days where I was both excited and thrilled at what I was seeing around me and sad and longing to go back to my dating. Then the excitement took over.

I hope I’ll never get into this kind of state in the future, but at least now I know how to treat it! It was better than just the depression of two years ago, but it wasn’t nice either.


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