Change of plans here!

So I thought some more, and I am telling you, if I mention that picture – whatever my explanation is for learning about it, – he’ll read it as stalking. And I am already paranoid and nuts in his books. Do I want to add more proof to that conclusion? Not unless I want to ruin any chance we may have to stay together and try to make this work. I want to make it work, I truly do. So if I need to fight myself to give it a chance, I can totally do that!

Therefore my plan is to not mention the picture at all, to tell him about my suspicions that she may still want to get back together with him – like in “I was thinking of how she’s been taking her time to get her stuff, and here is what I came up with as an explanation” – not to open his eyes, I am pretty sure he knows that, but to show that now I know it too. And well, to see his reaction.

To not let myself change my mind again, I told him on the call tonight that I thought of how he said some time back that I could trust him and now I decided I will. He said OK, I added something like my trust issues were resolved and switched subject.

That being said, I will keep a close eye on her account going forward. Another good sign I guess is that the picture she posted as her background on the same day – where she is raising glasses with two more females – he didn’t like or comment on.


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