My action plan

So I decided as much as I hate waiting to do exactly that – wait until Saturday and ask him about this picture situation. Because it’s not a message or call issue to discuss. It’s too frigging serious!

And then I ran it by few friends – they say taking picture of her at her request is cool, liking it and commenting sweetly on it – not so much, i.e. not a freakout material exactly, but something that requires explanation.

The gameplan is to have a conversation on how I feel about it – I am not trying to demand something or blame him or whatever – I just don’t feel comfortable about it, it looks like unfinished geschtalt to me too – it may not be for him, it totally reeks that way for her (with all other things on top) – makes me feel awkward, really, like I am witnessing some unfinished business that shouldn’t be there. And it hurt. It still does really. I wonder if he ever wanted to hurt me, hopefully not.

I may also add that if he’s only trying to be nice with her, it may make it worse – she needs to move on, and his nice comments may and most likely will be interpreted as a ray of hope for reunion.


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